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Connie has been at Central Presbyterian for 24 years. About 10 years ago while she was visiting my daughter in New York and was inspired by the neighborhood. There were community gardens all around,  some were designated areas that people had planted, others opened to the public for their on enjoyment. It inspired Connie to think about what had been done with such small amounts of green space and the possibilities of what we could do in much larger green spaces! When she returned home she started a conversation with her pastors Chris and Karen Bullock, and so the Central Presbyterian Garden began.

She looks back on now and laughs. It started out as an experiment by the inexperienced. They asked anyone who wanted a spot to plant what they wanted in their area. The problem was, there was no water to keep anything alive. A boy scout working on his eagle project stepped forward and took on the job of setting up what we needed to keep the plants watered. Some people didn't have the time to keep their spot up as they wished, others became discouraged due to inexperienced people pulling up their plants because they did not know how to harvest. Connie is proud that the garden is still in existence and looks forward to its continuing evolution.