Strickland Youth Center

“Grow UP” garden

Lead Gardener: Detention Officer Coordinator Desaavre Paige

Est: 2017

The Strickland Youth Center “Grow UP” Garden was established in 2017 as a part of the SYC Transitional Programming Department. Judge Edmond Naman’s vision of a garden for reflection, horticulture education, and community mindedness for at risk youth served by Juvenile Court of Mobile County was commissioned to Transitional Programming Department Coordinator Riley Brenes. Brenes designed the space and enlisted Detention Officer Coordinator Desaavre Paige to assist in the production of the site and established him as active lead gardener. This location is strictly used for The State of Alabama Department of Juvenile Probation as a training ground to prepare the teens served to connect to the larger network of MUG locations. MUG has worked with the garden from the beginning and continues to add valuable educational tools and plants to continue their mission of community connection through horticulture.

Brenes and Paige are both gardeners who have dedicated their lives to civic service. They continue to shrink divides in socioeconomic areas in Mobile County and expand MUG’s reach to the community at large.


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